Building, Planning & Zoning

Building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits (and inspections) are issued by the Eaton County Construction Code Department. However, in most cases you will need a zoning referral from the City of Charlotte before a building permit will be issued.

This is a link to basic planning and zoning guidelines that will help you successfully obtain a building permit. 

For questions regarding permits or to schedule an inspection, you can contact Eaton County Construction Codes at (517) 543-3004.

There is no permitting or zoning review for projects that are limited to roof, siding or window projects that do not change the dimensions of the windows.

All new structure projects, and projects that enlarge the dimensions of a structure, require a zoning review, and usually a building permit. Above ground swimming pools are considered a structure.

Fence projects require zoning approval, but not a building permit.

Commercial signage projects require zoning approval, as well as a building permit and electrical permit as may be applicable.

Please contact the City of Charlotte planning and zoning department at (517) 543-8853 for more information.