Building, Planning & Zoning

Contact City of Charlotte Planning & Zoning at (517) 543-8853.

Building, mechanical, electrical and plumbing permits (and inspections) are issued and conducted by the Eaton County Construction Code Department. However, in most cases you will need a zoning referral from the City of Charlotte before a building permit will be issued.

To schedule an inspection, contact Eaton County Construction Codes at (517) 543-3004.

There is no permitting or zoning review for projects that are limited to roof, siding or window projects that do not change the dimensions of the windows.

All new structure projects, and projects that enlarge the dimensions of a structure, require a zoning review, and usually a building permit. This includes swimming pools.

New fences require zoning approval, but not a building permit.

Homeowners and contractors planning a basic residential project like a fence, shed, garage, deck, pool, or home addition, click here to apply for zoning approval!

New commercial and industrial developments, as well as commercial and industrial enlargements greater than 1,000 square feet require a public hearing and site plan approval from the City of Charlotte Planning Commission. This is a link to the site plan application and also the checklist of necessary information. Please contact the City of Charlotte at (517) 543-8853 as early in your project planning as possible if you think it will require site plan approval. For commercial and industrial developments under 1,000 square feet, please apply for zoning approval here.

Commercial signage projects require zoning approval, as well as a building permit and electrical permit as may be applicable. This is a link to the City of Charlotte sign ordinance. Signage regulations vary greatly by zoning district, please call the Community Development Department at (517) 543-8853 for assistance with review and permitting.

Follow these links to for copies of the City’s zoning map and master plan.

Certain less common commercial activities may require a Conditional Use or Temporary Use approval by the Planning Commission. Please call (517) 543-8853 to discuss whether you may need one of these permits.

If you have questions, or do not see what you are looking for, please contact the City of Charlotte planning and zoning department at (517) 543-8853 for more information.