Policy No.SubjectApproval Date
Policy No.SubjectApproval Date
2008-01Order of Business at City Council Meetings (Replaced by 2011-01)03/24/08
2008-02Procedure for Considering and Adopting Ordinances (Replaced by 2015-04)03/24/08
2008-03Mailbox Installation and Replacement03/24/08
2008-04Authority to Issue Permits and Establish the Amount of Bonds Pursuant to the METRO Act03/24/08
2008-05Minimum Standards for Fixed Base Operators04/14/08
2008-06Airport Rules and Regulations07/28/08
2008-07Freedom of Information Act Requests (Replaced by 2015-02)10/27/08
2009-01Community Room Use03/23/09
2009-02Park Pavilion Use and Reservations (Replaced by 2009-03)04/27/09
2009-03Park Pavilion Use and Reservations06/08/09
2009-04Insurance Requirements07/13/09
2009-05City Attorney Meeting Attendance11/23/09
2010-01Leash Rules for Bennett Park (Replaced by 2010-03)01/11/10
2010-02Dogs in Camp Frances02/28/10
2010-03Leash Rules for Bennett Park04/12/10
2010-04Retiree Health Insurance (Replaced by 2017-01)05/17/10
2010-05Benefits for Fire Department Shift Employees09/13/05
2011-01Order of Business at City Council Meetings (Replaced by 2011-02)03/28/11
2011-02Order of Business at City Council Meetings (Replaced by 2015-05)07/25/11
2011-03Cost Reimbursement (Replaced by 2012-02)07/25/11
2011-04Conduct Within and Use of City Parks (Replaced by 2012-03)10/24/11
2012-01Cost Reimbursement05/29/12
2012-02Keeping of Chickens on Residential Lots (Replaced by 2016-01)06/11/12
2012-03Conduct Within and Use of City Parks (Replaced by 2013-03)07/09/12
2013-01Liquor Licenses on City Property03/11/2013
2013-02Refund of Excess Income Tax Revenue06/24/2013
2013-03Conduct Within and Use of City Parks (Replaced by 2017-0210/14/2013
2013-04Airport T-hangar Rules11/12/2013
2014-01Procedures for Testing Backflow Prevention Devices05/12/2014
2015-01Stormwater Drainage Review04/13/15
2015-02Freedom of Information Act Requests05/08/15
2015-03Citizen Comments (Replaced by 2016-02)09/28/2015
2015-04Procedure for Considering and Adopting Ordinances (Replaced by 2016-03)09/28/2015
2015-05Order of Business at City Council Meetings (Replaced by 2016-04)09/28/2015
2015-06Resolutions (Replaced by 2016-05)09/28/2015
2016-01Keeping of Chickens on Residential Lots05/09/2016
2016-02Citizen Comments(Replaced by 2021-02)07/25/2016
2016-03Procedure for Considering and Adopting Ordinances(Replaced by 2021-03)07/25/2016
2016-04Order of Business at Council Meetings(Replaced by 2021-04)07/25/2016
2016-05Resolutions(Replaced by 2021-01)07/25/2016
2017-01Retiree Health Insurance07/24/2017
2017-02Conduct Within and Use of City Parks (Replaced by 2019-01)09/25/2017
2018-01Property Transfer Affidavit Penalty Waiver (Replaced by 2022-01)05/14/2018
2018-02Letter Appeals to the Board of Review (Replaced by 2022-02)05/14/2018
2018-03Auditing of Status of Tax-Exempt Properties (Replaced by 2022-03)05/14/2018
2018-04Investment of Surplus Funds (Replaced by 2022-04)05/14/2018
2019-01Conduct Within and Use of City Parks (Replaced by 2019-02)02/11/2019
2019-02Conduct Within and Use of City Parks10/14/2019
2020-01Meeting Procedures During COVID-19 Epidemic (Expired 05/31/2020)03/16/2020
2020-02Meeting Procedures During COVID-19 Pandemic07/13/2020
2021-01Resolutions 02/01/2021
2021-02Citizen Comments02/16/2021
2021-03Procedure for Considering and Adopting Ordinances02/16/2021
2021-04Order of Business at City Council Meetings(amended 12/20/21)02/16/2021
2021-05Virtual Meetings04/05/2021 (sunset 12/31/2021)
2021-06General Fund Balance Policy06/07/2021
2021-04 - amendedOrder of Business at City Council Meetings12/20/2021
2022-01Property Transfer Affidavit Penalty Waiver04/18/2022
2022-02Letter Appeals to the Board of Review04/18/2022
2022-03Auditing of Status of Tax-Exempt Parcels04/18/2022
2022-04Investment of Surplus Funds04/18/2022