Can I supply a program to be shown on Public Access?


Charlotte organizations, individuals and groups are invited to use the Public Access Cable Television system for cablecasting of governmental, informational or educational programming.

If you have a non-copyrighted DVD of an informational seminar, workshop or meeting that would be of interest to the public, or are interested in developing programming related to a topic of public interest, you may be able to broadcast it on Public Access Cable.

If so, review the city ordinance governing the use of the equipment, facilities and cablecasting scheduling. Users are required to sign a waiver stating that you understand the program rules. Please note that you or your group’s representative must live within the Charlotte city limits in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Potential users must review the cablecasting ordinance and submit a request form to schedule a program time slot(s). Official city broadcasts receive programming priority, and technical limitations require most programming to be shown during regular City Hall business hours.

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