East Lovett Street Project Update For August 18, 2017

The installation of new sanitary sewer infrastructure was planned for completion today. Work on the installation of new storm sewer is scheduled to begin on Saturday.

A delay was experienced due to the need to identify an unknown utility line. It was necessary to determine what the line was and whether it was still in use before other work in the vicinity could proceed. It turned out that this was an abandoned gas line.

During a progress meeting held between the City’s consulting engineer and the contractor, the following revised schedule for the remainder of the project was prepared:

Sanitary Sewer Installation — August 16 – 18
Storm Sewer Installation — August 19-21
Balance Site — August 22-24
Building Road/Concrete Work — August 25-30
Hot Mix Asphalt Paving — August 31 – September 2

As the new schedule indicates, work will be performed on weekends in an effort to complete the project as rapidly as possible.

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