American Rescue Plan Act Funds

In 2021 the City of Charlotte was informed that it would be awarded $955,256.46 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds. In October 2021, the City Council directed the City Manager to utilize not more than $60,000 for a one-time payment to eligible workers under the Essential Worker Premium Pay provision. In November 2021, the city paid out $57,283.13 to eligible essential workers who continued to serve the city during the height of the pandemic closures, including payments to employees in public works, police, and fire departments, including the volunteer firefighters. In April, 2022 the City Council allocated not more than $21,000 to be utilized to purchase a LUCAS device which will assist the fire department by providing life-saving CPR support. This leaves approximately $877,000 available for funding other projects.

City Council sought public input to prepare a plan for allocating the remaining funds. Any funding allocation must meet the rules set out by the US Treasury. Within those parameters, city administration has prepared some project ideas for feedback from the public to help City Council set funding priorities.

A copy of the survey results can be found by clicking here. The survey was provided in the County Journal on April 30th and available online. A City Council workshop meeting was held on Thursday, June 9th to receive comments in-person, review survey results, and engage in further discussion.

Project Ideas – Below are the project descriptions for the various project ideas put forth by Administration.  Please note, for eligible projects Administration has been seeking out grant funding opportunities as an alternative funding option.

Public Safety Equipment

Turnout Gear ($30k) – This project would fund five sets of turnout gear for the firefighters. This gear is required to be replaced on a regular schedule per national standards.

Extrication Tools ($35k) – This project would fund the purchase of a second set of extrication tools for the fire department. The first set was funded with a grant.

Patrol Vehicle ($50k) – This project would fund the purchase of a replacement patrol vehicle for the police department. Police vehicle replacement has been delayed for several years due to budget cuts.

Public Space Improvements

Oak Park Renovations ($130k)  – This project would fund renovations to Oak Park, including replacing pavilion, installing historical lighting, installing benches and fireplace, and improving the interior walkways.

Replace City Hall Roof ($130k) – This project would fund the replacement of the roof at City Hall. The roof was last replaced in 1998 and is past its useful life. The roof has been repaired numerous times due to leaks. City Hall is home to police, fire, and administrative offices for the city and is a gathering place for meetings of city government and local community groups.

Replace City Hall Boilers ($70k) – This project would fund the replacement of the boilers at City Hall. The boilers are over 20 years old and in need of replacement as they are past their useful life.

City Hall Security Upgrades ($100k) – This project would fund upgrades to the security systems at City Hall. This would include installation of additional security cameras and new door-locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized entry into secure areas.

A/V Upgrade in Council Chambers ($5k) – This project would fund the purchase and installation of new audio-visual equipment in the City Hall Council Chambers to facilitate the broadcast of Council meetings to the public.

Water and Sewer Infrastructure

Lead Service Line Identification ($632k) – This project would offset costs of required lead service line identification work that is required by the State. The City has to identify and, over time, replace any lead service lines in the community.

Replacement Lift Pump ($50k) – This project would fund the replacement of the pump at the Lansing Lift station. This pump is a critical part of our sewer infrastructure to ensure sewer flows do not backup into the system.

Lansing Road Watermain ($2mill) – This project would provide assistance in funding the relocation of the watermain which is currently under Lansing road. Watermain breaks result in disruption to traffic and the main was constructed in 1905. The City has also applied for a grant to help defray the costs of this project.

Tertiary Filter Replacement ($1.374mill) – This project would provide assistance in funding the replacement of outdated equipment at the waste water treatment plant which assists in filtering and cleaning the wastewater.

Wellhouse Roof Replacement ($30k) – This project would replace the roofs at two wellhouses which require frequent repairs due to age. The roofs are beyond their useful life.

Road Improvements

Island Highway ($500k) – This project would fund a reconstruction of the roadway from the I-69 bridge to Lansing Road. This project is funded in partnership with the Eaton County Drain Commissioner’s office project to replace drain infrastructure.

W Shepherd ($450k) – This project would fund a milling and resurfacing of the roadway from Cochran to State.

Lincoln Street ($700k) – This project would fund a reconstruction of the roadway from Shepherd to Seminary.

Please complete the online survey here and let us know what you think is the best investment of these one-time federal dollars.