City Burn Permit Application


The permit holder must follow all burning regulations adopted by The City of Charlotte in connection with The International Fire Code section 307. Any questions concerning burning may be answered by calling the Charlotte Fire Department at (517) 543-0241.

I have read and understand burning regulations in section 307. of the International Fire Code.
I understand ONLY recreational fires & bonfires are allowed within the City of Charlotte.
-Agricultural burns on property of 5 or more acres
I understand the location of the fire must be a minimum distance and provisions shall be made to prevent a fire from spreading to within the minimum distance: (combustible structure includes a fence, deck, ect.)
-Bonfire- minimum distance of 50 feet from any combustible structure.
-Recreational Fire- minimum distance of 25 feet from any combustible structure. (Pile size is 3 feet or less in diameter and 2 feet or less in height)
-Fires in approved containers or Portable outdoor fireplaces shall be operated with the minimum distance of 15 feet from any combustible structure.
I understand ONLY dry seasoned wood is to be burned, and prohibited items may include but not limited to:
(Brush, yard waste/clean-up, construction materials, painted or treated wood, plastics, trash, rubbish, ect.)
I understand if I fail to follow these regulations, immediate corrective action may be taken from Fire Department personnel, the permit holder may be fined up to $300.00 and the permit may be revoked.