Ordinance – Keeping of Chickens

The City Council has begun the process of considering an ordinance amendment that would extend the sunset date for the ordinance that permits keeping chickens on residential lots. The ordinance, originally passed in 2012, is due to expire in May unless a new sunset date is enacted.

A public hearing was held Monday, April 11, on an ordinance amendment that would extend the sunset date to 2020. The video of the meeting is now available on Vimeo and can also be accessed from the right sidebar. The public hearing starts at 4:25 on the video. Council discussion of the ordinance begins at 56:00.

Action on the ordinance amendment was tabled to the meeting of April 25 to allow consideration of changes to the permitting process. Among the changes being discussed are increasing the time for which a permit is valid from one year to two years and changing the process of notifying neighbors that a permit has been requested.

As a result of the April 25 meeting the ordinance was adopted and became effective May 15, 2016.  To view the adopted ordinance please click on this link chicken ordinance amendment.