Board of Review

The Board of Review consists of 6 citizens (5 members and 1 alternate) who live in the City. The Board of Review meets on several occasions throughout the year but its primary duty is to hear property valuation and classification appeals when it meets in March.

Board of Review members are not employees of the City and do not have a vested interest in agreeing or disagreeing with either the Assessor or the taxpayer. Their job in March is to hear appeals as to the value and classification that has been determined by the Assessor. They have no authority or control over tax rates or tax amounts. In July and December the Board of Review corrects clerical errors and/or mutual mistakes of fact.

2020 Board of Review Meeting Information

The Board of Review will meet on the dates and at the times shown below:

Tuesday, March 3, 202010:00 a.m.Community Room
Monday, March 9, 2020*3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.Fire Department
2nd Floor
Tuesday, March 10, 2020*9:00 a.m. - 3:00 pm.Fire Department
2nd Floor
Tuesday, July 21, 202010:00 a.m.Community Room
Tuesday, December 8, 202010:00 a.m.Community Room

* Valuation and classification hearings will be held in the City Hall Community Room (basement level) at 111 E. Lawrence Avenue, Charlotte, Michigan. Appointments are required for appeals and are limited to 5 minutes each.

Please review “How To Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment” below for additional information about your property tax assessment

How To Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

The property tax assessment appeal process is a mystery to many. If you follow these simple steps, it will eliminate some of the confusion in deciding whether or not to appeal and help you prepare valid information for a successful appeal.

Step 1. Prior to making an appeal to the Board of Review, it is important to understand what the appeal process is and what it means to you. Your first step should be educating yourself by reading this.

Step 2. If you have decided to continue with your appeal after reviewing the information in Step 1, you will need to complete the petition and bring it to your hearing.

Step 3. Now that your petition has been completed, you need to schedule a time for your appeal. You can schedule your appeal by sending an email to or by calling 517-543-8844.

Step 4. Prepare for your appeal. Appeals are limited to 5 minutes each so it is important to use your time talking about issues that the Board of Review can address. Refer to the information provided in Step 1 for tips on how best to prepare for your appearance before the Board of Review.

Becky KendallMemberDecember 31, 2021
Cecilia SaldanaMemberDecember 31, 2021
Cynthia MartensMemberDecember 31, 2022
Robert PhillipsMemberDecember 31, 2018
Kimberly CurranMemberDecember 31, 2019
William Siarny, Jr.AlternateDecember 31, 2020