City Responds To COVID-19

Press Release
March 18, 2020
For Immediate Release

For additional information, contact City Manager Gregg Guetschow at or 517-543-8852.

City Responds To COVID-19

Like many businesses and organizations, Charlotte City government is facing the challenge of delivering services while taking steps to limit the spread of COVID-19. Each day brings new challenges and new responses.

City Council held a special meeting on March 16 to adopt several measures to reduce public exposure to the virus. Those measures are:

  • Postponing all City board and commission meetings, except City Council, until after May 31 unless there is an urgent matter that requires immediate action;
  • Modifying City Council agenda procedures to provide for shorter meetings;
  • Directing the City Manager to develop a plan for conducting Council meetings via teleconference or video conference if authorized to do so by the state.

“These are modest but sensible changes we can make to protect citizens,” said Mayor Yvonne Ridge. “City Council must continue to meet but we want those meetings to be as safe as possible.”

City Hall remains open to the public at this time but that status is being evaluated on a day-to-day basis. Those who need to do business with the City should telephone or use email before visiting City offices.

The City provides several options for paying water bills including a payment drop box on Washington Street, online credit and debit card payment, and automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. An electronic check option will be launched soon.

Measures have been implemented to create a safe environment for employees to ensure their availability to perform essential functions. They have been instructed to stay home if sick, wash hands frequently, avoid crowds and stop shaking hands. Travel for work has been limited. Work on our premises by independent contractors has been curtailed. Sanitation measures in public areas has been increased. The majority of meetings are being conducted through telephone or video conferences.

Other safety measures include changes to the way in which employees interact with members of the public. For example, police officers will be addressing more matters over the telephone. A protocol has been established for public works employees who might need to enter private buildings to assess the potential for exposure to the virus or other illnesses.

“Public health and safety is our number one concern at the City,” said Mayor Ridge. “We’ll continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and act in the best interests of our City employees and citizens.”



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