Charlotte Partners With Independent Bank

Photo by Jeff Weese from Pexels

The Charlotte branch of Independent Bank is now processing cash-only payments for City of Charlotte water and sewer bills.

“We provide a lot of options for people to pay their utility bills with checks or credit cards,” said City Clerk-Treasurer Ginger Terpstra, “but there has not been a good solution for customers paying with cash during times when City Hall is not open.”

This situation has been particularly challenging recently as City Hall has been closed since March 23 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cash payments will be accepted only at the Charlotte branch at 129 Lansing Street. Customers must present their utility bill when they pay. If they intend to make only a partial payment, they should make a copy of the bill to accompany a future payment.

“We think this is a great alternative for customers who pay with cash,” said Ms. Terpstra. “We sincerely appreciate the cooperation of Independent Bank and its staff in making this possible.”

Paying with cash at Independent Bank is only available for water and sewer bills at present. City officials will consider extending this option for tax bill payments later in the year.

Those interested in more information about making cash water and sewer bill payments at Independent Bank should contact City Clerk-Treasurer Terpstra at or 517-543-8843.

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